WAP Sustainability expands LCA & EPD capabilities with purchase of Trisight Engineering

WAP Sustainability, a global life cycle assessment provider, has announced the acquisition of Trisight Engineering to support new Federal Buy Clean Initiative

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA, September 26, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — — WAP Sustainability, a global life cycle assessment services provider, has announced that it has acquired Trisight Engineering, a leader in life cycle assessments for the asphalt and construction products industries.

• WAP Sustainability has acquired Trisight Engineering to further its LCA and EPD capabilities
• WAP currently helps global companies to understand their climate impacts including carbon footprints while also delivering compliance focused environmental product declarations (EPDs)
• With Trisight’s deep industry experience, WAP is poised to lead companies in complying with new Federal Buy Clean Initiative EPD Requirements, specifically steel, concrete, asphalt and glass producers.

WAP Sustainability, founded in 2008, is a global consultancy with a history of providing technical sustainability and ESG services for brands, manufacturers, and producers. WAP Sustainability is a leading life cycle assessment (LCA) services firm, with a large market share in development of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Recognized in 2022 as #2067 on the Inc. 5000 list, WAP Sustainability’s acquisition of Trisight creates a growth opportunity for tech enabled LCA and EPD services.

“We see this partnership with Trisight as an exciting opportunity to accelerate how we help our clients understand the carbon impacts of their products,” said William Paddock, WAP Co-Founder and Managing Director. “Many of the companies we work with are in need of deep LCA and EPD services to meet market demands for EPDs and WAP will be there to help. I am proud to welcome Trisight and its experienced, accomplished, and passionate team to WAP.”

“Joining WAP gives our team a platform to leverage WAP’s extensive industry knowledge and client base to create the premier LCA provider in North America,” said Lianna Miller, Trisight Co-Founder and Partner. “The opportunity to help more clients understand product level emissions allows us to increase our impact in the world. Joining teams with WAP will allow us to fast-track adoption of our tech-enabled LCA and EPD processes as well as digital EPD development”.

WAP recently announced the launch of the “Sector Supplement for Measuring and Accounting for Embodied Emissions in the Built Environment” with the World Resource Institute (WRI). This method empowers organization to measure and account for the embodied emissions associated with the wood, concrete, steel, glass, and flooring used in building buildings. Last week’s announcement from The White House on a Federal Buy Clean Initiative expands on the WRI Sector Supplement by requiring and incentivizing purchases of products with Environmental Product Declarations, which are a core feature of the WRI Sector Supplement.

“Together, WAP and Trisight will make it easier, quicker and faster for manufacturers and producers to conduct LCAs and create EPDs in order to comply with the new Federal Buy Clean Initiative. This collaboration further demonstrates WAP’s commitment to being the market leader in LCA and EPDs”, said Brad McAllister, Co-Founder and Operations Director of WAP Sustainability.

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