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WAP provides a range of carbon accounting solutions designed to help companies meet the demand for investor grade carbon accounting data

WAP provides tailored carbon accounting solutions to help clients manage GHG accounting efforts. Solutions are provided under the WAP brand or through one of our software partners. WAP helps clients navigate a crowded carbon accounting market to find and deploy effective carbon accounting solutions. 

As carbon accounting experts. WAP is a power user of over twenty different carbon accounting solutions. This experience, alongside our market research into new tools has yielded WAP valuable insights into the differences between tools. Specifically, WAP has learned that every software solution is not a fit for every client. Matching a client and software is a carefully curated process that involves understanding a clients GHG data environment, ERM systems, Energy Management Systems and availability of digital and non-digital data. WAP’s carbon accounting software solutions are designed to help companies save money by investing in the right tool for the right data environment. We offer needs analysis, data system reviews, support in software procurement as well as systems integration services.

WAP’s Carbon Accounting Software Solutions range from software licensing to system implementation. Regardless of the need, WAP is positioned to provide valuable insights into the development of robust carbon accounting software solutions within small and large organizations. 

  • Managing Carbon Accounting as a Service (link to carbon accounting page)
  • Managing Carbon Accounting Software (your software, we run it)
  • Providing Carbon Accounting Software (our software)
  • Software Needs Assessment (what features do you need?)
  • Software RFP Support (RFP writing and Procurement / IT Advising)
  • Data and Systems Integration (Systems Implementation and Set Up (with select partners)
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