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Healthy Materials, Low Carbon Products, Green Products, Certified Building Products, Healthier Materials, Better Materials, Mindful Materials that help you sell to Architect and Design (A&D) Firms and Green Building Projects.

How do you sell to Architects and Design Firms (A&D)? At WAP, we help manufacturers get products specified by Architect and design firms. We help you use Health Product Declarations (HPDs), Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Declare Labels, Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Certification, and Embodied Carbon to win RFPs and meet A&D specifications.

WAP is a leader in life cycle assessment and environmental product declarations (EPDs). WAP is one largest providers of EPDs. We work with UL EPDs, NSF EPDs, SCS EPDs, ASTM EPDs, EnvironDec EPDs, Epsten EPDs, NRCMA EPDs Climate Earth EPDs, and many more. Need an EPD Consultant? WAP Sustainability is a leading consultant for Environmental Product Declarations?

  • What is embodied carbon? What is EC3? What is an EPD? Who is a LEED Consultant?
  • Specification ask for an EPD? WAP Sustainability can help.
  • How to do a life cycle assessment? WAP Sustainability can help.
  • Is there an EPD Generator? How to automate LCAs?
  • How to lower GWP Values? WAP Sustainability has a supply chain LCA program.
  • How to reduce LCA uncertainty? WAP Sustainability has a supply chain LCA program.

Whether you’re trying to include EPDs in project specifications or respond to an RFP asking for an EPD, WAP Sustainability is your best sustainability consultant. An LCA with low uncertainty will help you reduce embodied carbon, a product specific EPD with LCA completed in Gabi, SimaPro or Open LCA, it’s hard to go wrong.

Trying to meet the requirements of ILFI Zero Carbon Certification? Trying to meet the requirements of LEED Zero. Measuring the Embodied Carbon Footprint of Buildings or a TI Project. WAP Sustainability can help you measure and account for Embodied Carbon in Buildings using EPDs.

What are healthy materials? How do you know if there are healthy materials in your workspace, children’s classroom, home, office, doctor’s office, college dorm? A Health Product Declaration (HPD) is used like an ingredient label for products. Toxic substances used in building products can be identified using a HPD or Declare Label.

WAP Sustainability is a leader in Health Product Declarations and Declare Labels and one of the largest generators of these transparency documents. Need an HPD Consultant? Need a Declare Label Consultant? Need a ToxNot Consultant? WAP Sustainability is a leading consultant for Healthy Materials.  

Health Product Declarations are created by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) using the HPD Builder or ToxNot. The Health Product Declaration Collaborative is made up of a board of directors that include Harvard University, Google, Perkins & Will, HKS, SmithGroup, Gensler, ToxServices and many others. The Health Product Declaration Technical Committee  and Technical Sub-Groups (TSGs) are made up of members from Google, Harvard University, USGBC, HDR, Healthy Building Network, Clean Production Action, Stantec, and many more.

Confused about the Building Product Disclosure and Optimization (BPDO) Material Ingredient Disclosure Credit in LEED v4 or LEED v4.1. WAP Sustainability has a team of experts. Need an HPD Third Party Verifier or Declare Label Third Party Verifier? Contact WAP Sustainability.

WAP Sustainability can help answer HPD related questions such as…

Which manufacturers have HPDs?

Who helps with HPDs?

HPD Consultant?

How to prepare a HPD?

How many HPDs?

How long are HPDs good for?

When do HPDs expire?

Where to find LEED Certified Products?

Are HPDs in Mindful Materials?

Where can you find Red List Free Products? Red List Free products can be found on Declare Labels or a Red List Free Letter provided by Manufacturers. Declare Labels can be third party verified, LBC Compliant, or Declared. The Red List is created by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and includes the Red List Version 3.1, Red List Version 3.0 and the Red List Version 4.0, Red List v4. The Red List now also includes a Red List Watch List. The Red List is part of the health materials requirement of the Living Building Challenge. Manufacturer prepare Declare Labels using ToxNot and the Declare Manufacturers Guide. Declare Labels are posted in the Declare Label Database or the Declare Label Library. Declare Labels can also be posted on mindful MATERIALS, Ecomedes, GBCI’s Better Materials, origin, tapestry and Building Material Scout. Declare Labels are eligible for verification and are Verified for LEED. Declare Labels are part of specification and requirements of companies like Google, Salesforce, Meta, and Microsoft.

WAP Sustainability can help answer Declare related questions such as…

Which manufacturers have Declare Labels?

Who helps with Declare Labels?

Declare consultant?

How to prepare a Declare Label?

How many Declare Labels?

How long are Declare Labels good for?

When do Declare Labels expire?

Where to find LEED Certified Products?

Are Declare Labels in Mindful Materials?

WAP helps organizations measure their carbon footprint using a GHG Inventory. We measure operational carbon and embodied carbon of products, companies, universities, cities and governments. We use the following standards to conduct our carbon accounting and greenhouse gas inventory efforts. We consult on setting sustainability goals and sustainability targets including Science Based Targets, IPCC goals, GRI 2016 and GRI 2021 Goals, ESG Goals and more. If you want to learn how to reduce carbon emissions, WAP Sustainability can help. Need help to report carbon emissions? WAP Sustainability helps companies measure and report on CO2 emissions (CO2e). Need help reporting to Project Gigaton? Need Walmart Carbon Accounting help? Looking for a Project Gigaton Consultant?

The GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard

The Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC)

The GHG Protocol Mitigation Goal Standard

The Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard

The GHG Protocol Policy and Action Standard

The GHG Protocol Product Standard

The GHG Protocol for Project Accounting

GRESB Performance Data Standard

The GHG Protocol Agricultural Guidance

SASB Standards

Inventory Management Plan (IMP) in line with ISO 14064-1:2018

WAP helps organizations create an Inventory Management Plan (IMP), manage GHG Verification, perform GHG Assurance, create GHG Reporting, GHG Report Template, or Walmart’s GHG Project Gigaton. We help verify Carbon Disclosure Project Responses, CDP Submissions for CDP Investor, CDP for Climate Change, CDP for Forests, CDP for Cities, CDP for Supply Chain. We help with  GRI 301, GRI 302, GRI 303, GRI 304, GRI 305.

A greenhouse gas inventory is a huge undertaking. For a small sustainability team, this can occupy up to 60% of your time each year.  Time spent on greenhouse gas inventories is time that you could be spend actively involved inside your organization, making improvements and reducing your carbon footprint. We have experience with a variety of proprietary carbon accounting software and off the shelf carbon accounting and greenhouse gas inventory software tools.

We help develop Sustainable Brands. We help businesses transform into a GreenBiz. Sustainability jobs are rapidly emerging. Green Jobs and purpose driven jobs are what WAP Sustainability helps companies create.  We help companies with DJSI, RobecoSam, Newsweek Green 500, Sustainalytics, EcoVadis and CDP Leadership, Ethisphere World’s Most Ethical.

WAP is widely considered one of the most experienced LCA consultants in the US with the largest roster of ACLCA Certified Life Cycle Assessment Professionals (LCACP). When you hear a company talk about a green product, how do you know if a product is sustainable or not? What does Sustainability mean? What is a green product? A lifecycle assessment helps answer these questions. A Life Cycle Assessments helps measure and quantify the environmental impacts of a product. A LCA is governed by standards such as ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. LCAs can also be used to complete an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). WAP Sustainability uses GaBi, SimaPro, OpenLCA, Ecoinvent and other LCI datasets to conduct its LCAs. A LCA can also be used to determine if a product is Circular or meets the Circularity definition as defined by the Ellen McArthur Foundation.

What is the carbon footprint of this product?

Is this a more sustainable material?

Does this product have a lower carbon footprint?

How to make a product more sustainable?

Should I choose recycled content or locally sourced?

Is it better to recycle or send to landfill?

What is the carbon footprint of?

How to become a Carbon neutral product?

What are Carbon sequestering products?

Is my product circular?

What are circular products?

A life cycle assessment (LCA) can be used to ensure compliance with the FTC GreenGuides. WAP is an advisor on the FTC Green Guides.  If you want to defend your products environmental superiority or performance according with the FTC GreenGuides, a lifecycle assessment can help. We can help with Comparative LCAs, Product Specific LCAs, Industry Wide LCAs, Industry Wide Life Cycle Assessments, and Product Specific Environmental Product Declarations.

Cheap Carbon Offsets are hard to find. The average price of a carbon offset is $10. Verified Carbon Offsets, Renewable Energy Credits, RECs, VCS, VERRA, ACR, Green-E, Green-E offsets are all terms used in the carbon offset and renewable energy credit market. WAP uses group purchasing power to help companies procure low cost carbon offsets. We help companies reduce 25% by 2025, 30% by 2030, 35% by 2035 through carbon offset purchases. We help companies become net positive, carbon neutral, zero carbon, and net positive carbon.

Healthy Materials are hard to find and healthy materials are hard to understand. The GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals Methodology helps classify chemicals by CAS number. The GreenScreen Method classifies chemicals using list translator LT scores like LT-UNK, LT-1, LT-P1 and UNK. The GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals Method also classifies chemicals using Benchmark BM scores such as BM-1, BM-2, BM-3, BM-4, and data gaps (DG). Companies like ToxServices, WAP Sustainability, Gradient, and NSF are licensed GreenScreen Profilers. WAP Sustainability is the only GreenScreen Profiler who creates Publicly Available GreenScreen Assessments. Companies like Google, Walmart, Apple, HP and Levi’s all require GreenScreen Assessments as part of their procurement. GreenScreen’s also help with LEED, Living Product Challenge, and other certifications. If you need help understanding toxicology, Proposition 65, Prop 65, toxic substances, healthier materials, portico, pharos, Toxnot pbc, Toxservices, or the Chemical Footprint Project, WAP Sustainability is available to help.

WAP Sustainability helps companies develop their ESG Policy. ESG Policies can be built on ESG Strategies (ESG Strategy) and hosted as ESG Website Content. WAP can help companies create a track ESG Indicators and ESG KPIs that include Environmental, Social and Governance. WAP helps companies work with ESG Data Aggregators by issuing Sustainability Reports, Sustainability Reporting, and Responsible Investing Reports to Investors who care about ESG & ESG Performance.

Our experience with ESG Data Aggregators and ESG Frameworks including   Bloomberg, CSRHUB, RobecoSAM, ACT Analytics, RepRisk, SASB, TruCost, Sustainalytics, MSCI, Ethisphere, CDP, AccountAbility, PRI, TCFD, SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals, ISS, FTSE, Corporate knights, oekom, vigeoeiris, Sustainable brand index, BlackRock, Larry Fink, State Street, Vanguard, Wellington, Morningstar,  and ASSET4.

It can be difficult to hire for sustainability. While there are many Sustainability MBA Degrees, Masters Degree in Sustainability, PhD in Sustainability, Graduate Programs in Sustainability, not all graduates have the experience needed to succeed at sustainability. WAP helps companies who are trying to decide between hiring an employee or hiring a consultant for sustainability. We offer sustainability support after a firing, departure, or resignation, including temporary sustainability support and hourly sustainability support. We also offered managed sustainability services that function as an Outsourced Sustainability Department.

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