ESG Software Solutions designed for simple management of ESG Data.

WAP knows that ESG data can be complicated to manage within organizations. Data originates from multiple sources, changes with time, evolves with systems, and is required to be recalled multiple times per year. ESG data is also impacted by the introduction of new or modified ESG KPIs from the likes of regulatory bodies, in the form of customer requests and as required by ESG reporting standards.

We have a solution.

WAP ESG is the result of WAP’s Acquisition of Atmos AI, integrating Atmos AI’s technology into WAP’s ESG services. Atmos AI deepens WAP’s toolkit, offering a user-friendly platform for sustainability reporting to complement WAP’s technical and strategic competencies. This combination positions WAP ESG to support approachable sustainability reporting for all companies. 

WAP ESG™ is designed for private equity firms, asset managers, or lenders looking to govern ESG performance across their portfolios. Our customized portfolio evaluation approach enables financial firms to leverage ESG key performance indicators from relevant frameworks, such as SASB, TCFD, and ISSB, platforms and ratings systems, such as CDP and MSCI, and other industry-relevant topics, such as those governed by emerging regulations or voluntary initiatives.  

Our insights from the portfolio evaluation process reveal both portfolio-wide and company-specific opportunities for improvement, as well as facilitate inter-company knowledge sharing. Combined with the WAP GlidePaths, our scoring mechanism, these insights provide tools to track portfolio sustainability performance and manage for improvement over time.

Sample Question and Topic Areas via the WAP ESG platform.
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