WAP Sustainability Acquires Atmos AI, Expanding its ESG Reporting Capabilities

We’re excited to announce the acquisition of Atmos AI, a pioneering ESG reporting platform. This acquisition is a significant milestone in WAP Sustainability’s mission to provide comprehensive, user-friendly ESG and sustainability solutions to businesses of all sizes.

"At WAP Sustainability, we are committed to empowering organizations to achieve their sustainability goals through innovative and effective ESG strategies. The integration of Atmos AI's technology into our core ESG services will revolutionize how our customers approach ESG reporting, making it as straightforward as using a platform like TurboTax."
William Paddock
CEO of WAP Sustainability

This acquisition marks the third acquisition in as many years for WAP Sustainability, which has previously purchased Coldstream Consulting & TriSight Engineering to expand its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) services.

Atmos AI has been at the forefront of ESG reporting technology, offering an intuitive platform that simplifies the complex process of ESG data collection, analysis, and reporting. With this acquisition, WAP Sustainability will enhance its portfolio of services, providing clients with a comprehensive suite of tools for ESG and sustainability reporting needs.

"This collaboration is a significant opportunity for us to expand the reach of our product to thousands of companies on their ESG reporting journey," said Max Mona, Founder of Atmos AI, "the unique combination of expert-level service from WAP Sustainability combined with our platform's user-friendly interface and advanced AI capabilities, will make ESG reporting accessible to more companies than ever before."
Max Mona
Founder of Atmos AI


The acquisition of Atmos AI by WAP Sustainability not only expands our toolkit but also deepens our commitment to making sustainability approachable for all companies. Jonathan Ursillo, Sustainability Manager and WAP’s lead product specialist highlights this partnership as a milestone in sustainability services.

Wade Fletcher, Founding Engineer and CTO of Atmos AI, also emphasizes the acquisition’s potential to significantly advance ESG reporting technology and practices. Combining WAP Sustainability’s expert guidance with our self-service, AI-powered technology enables a new hybrid paradigm that will accelerate the evolution of ESG reporting.

The acquisition comes at a time when ESG reporting is becoming increasingly important for businesses worldwide. With growing awareness of environmental and social issues, companies are under more pressure to disclose their ESG and sustainability performance transparently. The collaboration between WAP Sustainability and Atmos AI is set to meet these growing demands, providing a streamlined, efficient solution for ESG reporting.


About Atmos AI

Atmos AI streamlines the Carbon Accounting, GHG Emissions, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting processes for companies of all shapes and sizes. Their innovative DIY platform has transformed the way middle-market companies manage and report their ESG data, making the process more efficient and accessible. Atmos AI raised a Seed Round of $1.7m in early 2022 from GoAhead Ventures, New Climate Ventures, 701 Fund, and WAP Sustainability.


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