Theta EPD

The Buy Clean Compliance Software™

Theta provides LCA and EPD generation solutions for industries impacted by the U.S. Federal Government’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and state level Buy Clean Programs. Theta is the smart tool for automated LCAs and EPDs.

WAP Sustainability is trusted by industry associations across North America to help provide life cycle assessment (LCA), environmental product declaration (EPD), and Buy Clean Policy advising. Many have selected Theta EPD as their preferred LCA & EPD generation software for Industry Wide life cycle assessments and environmental product declarations (EPD) development, industry wide baseline projects and LCA & EPD support programs for members. 

the Buy Clean compliance software™

Theta EPD provides LCA and EPD generation software for the following industries in order to comply with federal and state level Buy Clean Policies.

Concrete Pipe
Other Industries
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