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GreenScreen® Library

The GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals is a transparent, open standard for assessing chemical hazard that supports alternatives assessment for toxics use reduction through identifying chemicals of concern and safer alternatives. It is used by researchers, product formulators, green building rating systems like LEED, and certifiers in a variety of industries, including building products, textiles, apparel, and consumer products.

WAP Sustainability is an approved GreenScreen® Licensed Profiler and is committed to making GreenScreen information more market accessible. Our completed GreenScreen Assessments can be found below, the GreenScreen Store, toxnot, and the Chemical Hazard Data Commons

Publicly Available GreenScreen® for Safer Chemical Assessments

1344-28-1 Aluminum Oxide

513-77-9 Barium Carbonate

544-17-2 Calcium Formate

546-93-0 Magnesium Carbonate

1303-86-2 Boron Trioxide

1305-78-8 Calcium Oxide

1308-31-2 Chrome Ore

1309-48-4 Magnesium Oxide

1313-13-9 Manganese Dioxide

1313-59-3 Sodium Oxide

1314-13-2 Zinc Oxide

1317-65-3 Calcium Carbonate

7446-11-9 Sulfur Trioxide

9032-42-2 Methethylcellulose

10101-52-7 Zirconium Silicate

12136-45-7 Potassium Oxide

13397-24-5 Gypsum

13463-67-7 Titanium Dioxide

14807-96-6 Talc

14808-60-7 Quartz

14940-68-2 Zirco