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WAP Sustainability announces the launch of Theta EPD, the Buy Clean Compliance Software®

WAP Sustainability announces the launch of Theta EPD, the Buy Clean Compliance Software® to support GSA Buy Clean Inflation Reduction Act Requirements


WAP Sustainability, the leading U.S. provider of life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental product declarations (EPDs) services and tools, has announced the launch of Theta EPD.

Yesterday, the GSA announced its six-month pilot for the Buy Clean Inflation Reduction Act Requirements for low embodied carbon construction materials. The Pilot will apply GSA’s Interim IRA Low Embodied Carbon Material Requirements into procurement for eleven GSA construction and modernization projects. GSA’s interim requirements are based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Interim Determination that set global warming potential (GWP) limits and environmental product declaration (EPD) requirements for concrete, glass, asphalt and steel.

WAP’s announcement of Theta EPD provides solutions to manufacturers looking to comply with the GSA Pilot. Theta EPD is a software solution that provides LCA and EPD on-demand generation software for the concrete, steel, glass, and asphalt industries to comply with federal, state, and municipal level Buy Clean Policies.

● Theta EPD will provide LCA and EPD generation tools for the concrete, steel, glass, and asphalt industries as well as cement, slag, aggregate, asphalt binders, concrete pipe, and other industries.
● The launch of Theta EPD is linked to WAP’s acquisition of Trisight LLC. who developed the National Asphalt Pavement Association Emerald EcoLabel EPD tool and Coldstream Consulting who maintained a long-standing relationship with the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute as the developer of the Athena Concrete EPD Calculator
● In January, The Athena Institute and WAP Sustainability announced the transfer of the Athena Concrete EPD Calculator to WAP to better enable growth and servicing of this important tool.
● The Athena Concrete EPD Calculator has now been rebranded, expanded, and reintroduced as Theta EPD for Concrete.
● With the launch of Theta EPD, WAP reinforces its role in helping companies and industry associations comply with the Federal Buy Clean Initiative EPD Requirements, specifically for steel, concrete, asphalt, and glass producers.

Theta EPD is officially an “EPD on-demand” software tool. The user-friendly online interface allows clients to upload product level information and generate product specific EPDs in minutes. Theta EPD users can select from three different services and pricing models that provide varying levels of technical support.

“You press the buttons”.
For this option, Theta offers a licensed version of software where the manufacturer can enter information and generate the EPD independently. Limited support and training provided.

“WAP presses the buttons”.
In this option, WAP works for the user to collect, organize, and process data to optimize the LCA and EPD within Theta EPD. We essentially do the LCA and EPD for you.

“We press the buttons together”.
In the final option, WAP and the client have the option to work together in a hybrid structure to complete the LCA and EPD within Theta EPD. WAP provides a fixed level of support in addition to the software license.

“We built Theta EPD to meet the market where the market is. Contrary to popular belief, software and especially LCA software, doesn’t run itself or only take one click. Software needs a dedicated user who can spend the time learning, using, and maximizing the software to its full potential. We find it helps when that user also knows the fundamentals of LCAs and EPDs along with the consequences of their button clicks” said William Paddock, Managing Director of WAP Sustainability. “In all our years of experience, we have met many capable people who don’t need WAP’s full-service approach, but there are many others that are busy making steel, glass, and concrete who could use WAP’s help. Our goal is to provide a solution for everyone.”

WAP Sustainability, founded in 2008, is a global consultancy with a proven history of providing service-oriented product sustainability services for brands, manufacturers, and producers. Recognized as #2067 on the 2022 Inc. 5000 List, WAP Sustainability has quickly become one of the world’s leading life cycle assessment (LCA) services firms, with an industry-leading market share in the development of environmental product declarations (EPDs).

In September, the White House announced its Federal Buy Clean Initiative, which requires and incentivizes the purchase of products with Environmental Product Declarations that also meet low carbon performance requirements. Other states including California, Colorado, New York and New Jersey have also passed forms of Buy Clean Legislation impacting manufacturers that produce or sell products into those markets.

“Theta EPD is ‘the Buy Clean Compliance software’. The software allows quick and easy EPD generation for all the impacted product categories outlined in the Federal Buy Clean Initiative and also provides access to WAP’s policy insights, Buy Clean compliance checks and customer specific GWP thresholds that can be utilized to benchmark between competitors”, said Josh Jacobs, Director of Sustainability at WAP Sustainability.

As the construction sector requests more transparency documentation on the life cycle impacts of products, the Theta EPD tool helps manufacturers to measure, report and disclose the environmental impacts of their products accurately and efficiently. In doing so, manufacturers can differentiate themselves in a carbon aware marketplace while accessing federal and competitive funding sources for future construction products.